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St. Michael and All Angels, Walthamstow

June 27, 2014

St. Michael and All Angels, Walthamstow


St. Michael’s is the largest church building in Walthamstow. It is an Anglo Catholic church  with a service every day. The website details these on On the day I visited the service had been cancelled so that meant I couldn’t get in. There is no visitor info anywhere, physically at the church or on the website.



This is a church which gives the impression, probably unwittingly, of being a fortress. Every gate is locked up and it gives an unwelcoming appearance. There is a lovely calvary at the East end, which is well cared for.


The website tells me that ‘We are a friendly and welcoming church family in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England’, but that is not the impression that the church building gives out. I have to rate St. Michael’s as very poor for the purposes of this study.


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