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St. Dunstan’s, Canterbury

April 23, 2014

St. Dunstan’s, Canterbury

DSCF9087There is more to Canterbury than the Cathedral. There are some interesting churches here too. St. Dunstan’s is one of them. It is up the road from Canterbury West Station (itself worth a look at). It is open every day with a good welcoming notices, both outside and in the porch.


A light comes on when someone walks inside. There were 17 visitors in the visitors book for March. Postcards are for sale as well as a brief guide at 20p and a very extensive one at £5 – this can be downloaded from the Kindle Store for £3.07. This is the first time I have seen this done. There is no church website as such but quite a lot on achurchnearyou. No visitor info as such though.


There is a prayer board to use and the Diocesan calendar of intercessions was available as well as a Christian Aid Lent leaflet for Children. This church is noted for having Thomas More’s memorial as well as his head (!). Quite a bit is made of this and why not. There is a Fellowship of St. Thomas More as well.

DSCF9084I rate St. Dunstan’s as good.



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