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St. Sepulchre – Without – Newgate

April 2, 2014

St. Sepulchre, Holborn ViaductDSCF9062

An interesting Church in a busy part of the City. It is actually the largest parish church in London and has a long history. It is known as ‘The Musicians Church’ and, appropriately enough, at the time of my lunch time visit had a concert organised by The Anglo – Japanese Society of Wessex. It was given by a trio called Trio SOL who were playing a selection of modern chamber pieces. Very good they were too and there was quite an audience for this free concert.








Outside a simple A frame welcomed any who would come in. The church is normally open each day but I did find it closed for some rehearsals the last time I visited. If you want to look inside then it is probably best to check the website –

There is also some building work going on so part of the nave is not in use. Inside, I found some post cards for sale but there seemed to be no guide book but there is a toilet to use. It was hard to wander around but this is an interesting church to visit. The concert, as many other London churches have, was a real bonus. I rate this church as good and, if you can catch a concert, that is an added attraction.






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