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St Giles, Cripplegate

February 13, 2014

St. Giles, Cripplegate. London  EC2


On a stormy and very rainy day I called into St Giles, glad to escape the weather outside, as were several other visitors.

St. Giles is a wonderful old church surrounded by the modern architecture of the Barbican Centre. Due to the weather it was a bit gloomy inside and, having not taken my normal camera, my interior shots are disappointing. An excuse to visit again.

This is a church worth going to. Outside was a sign which simply says ‘Church Open’ – a welcome sight. Inside, immediately opposite the South door is a votive stand, the twinkling lights of the candles there reminding me of the prayers of those who had called in earlier. There is also a prayer board which is a bit tucked away but is being used nonetheless.

There are some guides of various sorts, all well produced a few books and a leaflet about the bells here. The guide leaflet tells the story of the church, how it was built in 1394 and been damaged severely down the years. During World War 2 it was badly bombed and left a shell. It was rebuilt, fortunately, in 1966. There is a good, and well lit, display at the back about this with some good pictures. Also some more history of the parish old and new. There are some interesting displays on recent events and the people involved in them. This is a definite church community as well as a historic building.

There is the usual children’s area and a good statue of Milton, who is buried here. The visitor’s book shows 14 people this year (it was only the 12th Feb) but this is likely to be a church where local people and those working nearby just call into.


There is a modern reredos at the East end which I was rather taken with. Sorry the photo is not better than it is.

The parish website is on and is very clear, giving a location map and visitor information.


I rate St. Giles’ as good and will call again for some better photos!


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  1. Naomi Hughes permalink

    Spooky at night! I went with my son who is a bell ringer and had to sit in the dark for about 30 minutes!!! waiting

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