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St. Petroc, South Brent

August 30, 2013


I found St. Petroc’s open. It was cleaning day (Friday’s often seem to be) and the merry band there were very friendly. This is something I have noted before. The church is very well cared for and is obviously loved. There was no welcome notice outside but there was a notice saying no parking as space needed for church use. I know that this is a practical thing to do but it can give a negative message to a visitor. The main notice board had the usual service notices only but there was a nice friendly welcome notice in the porch.



A guide book and some post cards are for sale. For children there is the usual area set up at the back. A count of the visitors book showed 7 visitors in the first 22 days of this month. There was a very nice prayer leaflet in the pews which gave some excellent prayer ideas. Visitors are encouraged to take these away and to use them and to pray for the work of St. Petroc’s church. This is an idea well worth using in other places.

There is a display of church people – PCC, Warden’s etc and of the church’s mission link with Sri Lanka.

St. Petroc’s is an interesting church. I rate it as OK for the purposes of this study.


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