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St. Peter’s, Buckland in the Moor

August 30, 2013


A wonderful church on Dartmoor. This is a tiny scattered community of only around 100 people yet they are blessed with this gem of a church. It is famous for it’s clock face which, instead of numbers has letters which spell out ‘MY DEAR MOTHER’. This was put up in 1930 as a gift from William Whitley in memory of his mother. The chimes play ‘All things bright and beautiful’ on the quarter hour. I m not sure that I would like to live next door.

Inside found a leaflet about the bells, a church guide and leaflet, post cards and tea cloths for sale. For children there are two simple trays set up with toys, games and colouring. Any church could provide that. There are some used books for sale which seems to be common and some jig saws to borrow which must be unique.


This really is a wonderful church in a delightful setting. Well worth a visit. 96 people in the visitors book over the last 19 days and some stats as to where visitors have come from. I rate St. Peter’s as good.


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