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St. Mary, Berry Pomeroy

August 30, 2013


Out in the Devon countryside again to Berry Pomeroy. This church is open most days and there is a sign in the gate which says this. Inside, there are prayer cards and notelets for sale as well as some guides to walk around with. A leaflet on the church and village is available also.

There had been 13 names entered into the visitors book in the last 20 days. For children there is an area set up as many other churches now have. Some local history is on display as the village has a link with American forces involved in D Day. A folder on the bells is available as well which is an interesting touch. Also a book on Devon’s famous church carvings; ‘A cloud of witnesses’ . St. Mary’s is in there. It has a lovely screen which was defaced at the Reformation.

There is a toilet here which visitors can use as well. Often these are jealously guarded and only for use at service times. Berry Pomeroy is more enlightened than that.Image


I rate St. Mary’s as good.


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