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All Saints, Kenton

August 30, 2013


All Saints is a church that every guide book on Devon churches mentions. A large, fourteenth century church in the middle of the village, just off the main road. It is worth walking around the outside here before going in as it has some lovely rich red Devon stonework.

The sign board outside doesn’t mention being open every day but the door was open. There were some postcards for sale and some ‘bats’ with a bit of history on them. There are some laminated sheets about the saints featured on the fine screen, the chief glory of All Saints. No guide book or anything else except a folder of photos of a fine flower festival held here in 2012. Some 10 visitors in the book for the 24 days of this month.


There is some wonderful carving here in a lightish coloured wood. I also found a prayer board and the Lady Chapel is set aside for quiet and prayer. There was a good selection of prayer cards, booklets and books to help guide people.


I rate All Saints as OK for the visitor although more could be done without to much effort.



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