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September 26, 2012

I had to go near to Cookham so this was a good chance to have a look at

Holy Trinity Cookham. Situated in a picturesque spot near the River Thames and the bridge over it. Cookham attracts many visitors because of both it’s beauty and because of the association with Stanley Spencer who based many of his paintings around the village that he loved so much. His ashes are buried in the churchyard. A copy of his painting of the Last Supper hangs in the church.

Holy Trinity has a nice new sign board outside with all sorts of information on it. It doesn’t mention about opening times however. The church website – also has much of interest in it but nothing regarding visitors.

The church is open every day though and there is much of interest to see here. Some lights are left on otherwise the interior would be rather gloomy and uninviting. There are cards, post cards and a guide for sale as well as some history ‘bats’ to guide visitors around the church. Holy Trinity is featured in the Diocese of Oxford Pilgrim Project and there are leaflets about this as well as some of the ‘A simple guide’ range. Here I saw ‘Reading the Bible’ and ‘Christianity’. These are good and it would be interesting to know how many are picked up by visitors.

There is a votive stand here as well. This is in a side chapel in which the blessed sacrament is reserved. There are some cards and a booklet with prayers in to guide pilgrims.

Prayer chapel at Cookham


The guide book ‘Holy Trinity, Cookham … in ages past’ brings some of the areas history to life by means of some stories of notable people. It is very well done and at £1 very good value.

This is a church well worth visiting (as is Cookham itself) and I rate it as good.

Interior of Holy Trinity, Cookham



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