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More Somerset and Dorset

August 1, 2012

St. Bartholomew, Crewkerne

St. Bartholomew’s, Crewkerne

This large town church in the small town of Crewkerne is open each day. The sign outside doesn’t say so. Inside, I found some guides and post cards. There are also some nice Baptism, Wedding and Funeral leaflets. Children have an area to use. The visitors book is brand new so there was nothing to count! There is a library of books. Also, a display of work needed on the building. A display of church activities can also be seen. There is a prayer tree to use (and it appears to be well used). An open Bible is on display. This church I would rate as good but it could probably do better for visitors.









St. Mary the Virgin, Norton sub Hamdon

St. Mary the Virgin, Norton Sub Hamdon with Pigeon House on the left

This church is open. The signs are OK. There is a free guide available and some free leaflets (sgmLifewords). Only 6 visitors in the book over the last month. There is a lot to interest the visitor here – A Benefice prayer diary, PCC pictures, prayerrequest cards, a quiet chapel and prayer suggestion slips. There are also some local history society publications to look at. There is a folder of parish events. Churchyard and burial records are on display as well as a war dead folder. The church’s website is I would rate this church as good + – well worth a visit.







Sherborne Abbey (Dorset)

Sherborne Abbey

A lovely place to visit. The signs are very good, making it very clear that this church is open and welcoming. There are multi lingual guides and a small bookshop with a range of items for sale. Many of them the excellent Tim Tiley booklets. There are stewards on duty. The lady today was very friendly. She told me that they count visitors and get between 52 and 56,000 visitors per year. I was given a free guide. Children can have no less than 8 different guides to use. The votive stand was very well used. There is a quiet chapel for prayer and the Holy Sepulchre chapel can be used as well – this is a lovely, intimate, space. I would rate the Abbey as very, very good and is an example of what can be done with some resources.

Sherborne Abbey

St. Andrew’s, Trent (Dorset)

An Archbishop’s cope at St. Andrew’s, Trent

This lovely little church was open. There are no signs outside. I found guides and some paddle boards to use. 8 people had signed the visitors book in the last month. On display there is Archbishop Fishers cope and mitre. He used to worship here after he retired. There is a prayer board to use. This church is unusual for the area in having a spire. I would rate this as OK.







St. Barnabas, Queens Camel

St. Barnabas, Queens Camel

The door is open here. The signs are OK. There is a guide and some leaflets on faith to take away. Only 8 people had signed the book in the last month. There are lots of pictures of the Jubilee events. The church is blessed with some very unusual lights, installed in 1934. There is a prayer area and a votive stand. An unusual touch here is a book on the altar which lists those who have died, been married and been baptised. A very nice touch indeed. In would rate this church as good.

Lights at Queens Camel







St. Michael the Archangel, North Cadbury

St. Michael the Archangel, North Cadbury

The church is open but there is no sign outside. Inside there is a brief history available and some good prayer leaflets which have been locally produced – ‘Take time to be with God’. Children have a small area to use. Only 4 visitors in the book. There is an open Bible on display. The organ was being rebuilt and the two organ builders were pretty taciturn! I would give this church a good rating.






All Saints, Castle Cary

All Saints, Castle Cary

The church is open every day. The signs are pretty basic, not giving very much away for the visitor. Inside there is some good children’s work displayed and a guide leaflet but nothing else. A prayer board and votive stand can be used. Also there are some pictures of young people and Messy Church. Both of which look great fun. I would give this church a good rating.

St. Michael and All Angels, Somerton


This is an interesting church to visit. Inside there is newsletter and a guide. There are cards and bookmarks to buy. Also a young people’s guide which is well done, and all too rare. 20 visitors in the book here. There is a votive stand and a quiet chapel to use. I would rate this as a good church for the visitor. One interesting feature here is some roundels on the chandelier chains – I have never seen anything like this anywhere else.

Amazing roundel at Somerton








Holy Trinity, Long Sutton

Holy Trinity, Long Sutton

Another open church. The signs are very good saying that the church is open everyday. There are various leaflets around for the visitor and a simple guide. A nicely produced parish map is on offer as well. There  is a prayer book and cards to use as well as a chapel set apart for quiet prayer. This is a beautiful church and is well worth a visit. I would rate this as very good and is a good example of what can be done with simple resources.

Pulpit at Long Sutton









St. Mary’s, Huish Episcopi

Huish Episcopi

The church is open. The signage is OK. There are gospels, guides and some CWR booklets to take away. There is a nice welcome notice which directs visitors to the prayer board. A good idea. I would rate this interesting church as good.








St. Peter & St. Paul, Muchelney

St. Peter & St. Paul, Muchelney

This church is next door to Muchelney Abbey. 30 visitors had signed in the last month. There are guides and paddle boards to use. The church features a stunning painted roof. There is an open Bible. There is a lovely atmosphere here and it is well worth a visit. You can see an interesting picture behind the altar and there is a good crucifix. I would rate this as OK for visitors but thoroughly recommend a visit.

Crucifix at Muchelney







St. Martin ‘s, Kingsbury Episcopi

Angel at St. Martin’s, Kingsbury Episcopi

There are no signs outside. There are some postcards to buy but not much else. 11 visitors in the book in the last month. Featured here is a Mother’s Union display with some good resources. There is an open Bible and an open Lectionary.There are a few pictures of church people and a display about the bells. Another interesting church to visit. I would rate this as OK.

St. Martin at Kingsbury Episcopi









All Saints, Martock

‘It’s Okay to cry’ at All Saints, Martock

The church is open (as all today’s have been). The signs are very good giving a clear indication of when the church is open. They make a big effort towards visitors here. There is a display of photos of church people in the porch. Also, there was an interesting display entitled, ‘It’s okay to cry’ all about children and bereavement, giving books and where to find help -excellent. A Bible is left open – which is always a nice touch. There is a prayer station, which is using an Olympic theme. There is a prayer board and a quiet chapel (the St. Thomas Chapel) to use. There were people praying here on my visit. One thing that caught my eye was a worship clock for children which explains the Eucharist – a great idea worth copying. There is a book shop and a library. I would rate this church as very good. Worth visiting as an example of what can be done.


‘Worship Clock’ at Martock


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    Thank you for visiting our Church in Long Sutton, Somerset, and your comments.
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