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Just a couple more…

July 26, 2012

On my way home from Essex I visited two churches I particularly wanted to see.

St. Andrew’s , Greenstead

St. Andrew’s, Greenstead

A wonderful, Saxon, wooden building. A charming place to visit. It is very well signposted with brown signs from the main roads around.

Inside there is a guide and prayer cards available. They also sell jams and chutneys, tea towels and some booklets on the Christian faith. There is not much room inside but best use has been made of what space there is. There is a good children’s quiz as well. This is a stunning little church with a wonderful atmosphere. There are some lights left on -it would be very dark inside without these.

Inside St. Andrew’s

The Bible is open on the lectern and there are drink cartons for sale which is a nice touch.
This church is very good example of what can be done in a small church to cater for visitors. It isn’t hard but they have made a real effort here and I would rate this as very good +

Waltham Abbey

Due to an olympic venue being just down the road the roads were very busy. It was worth the effort though. This is an outstanding church. The signs outside make it very clear that the Abbey is open every day and welcomes visitors. I couldn’t count up the visitors book as it is held on today’s page by an elastic band. That is not so much of a problem but the beady eye of the lady in the shop was!

The visitor centre sells all sorts of goodies. There are books to buy, children’s as well, prayer cards, etc etc. Mostly of good quality. There are guide books (several).

There are two votive stands to use, a prayer book, and a unity chapel to pray for churches to work together. There is a good display of ‘The Church in Action’ showing various local events.  There is also another chapel (The Lady Chapel) for quiet which is very well labelled in a non threatening way. The best thing of all is a children’s prayer corner – what an excellent idea.

Children’s prayer area at Waltham Abbey

I would rate this church as excellent for the visitor. Easily the best I have seen so far.


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