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Ready, steady….

July 2, 2012

Work is now finished and I have had a couple of days rest, and a chance to get everything organised. Nearly ready to go! Tomorrow is when the visiting starts. I want to spend the next week having a good look at the churches of the Cotswolds. I have made a list – probably too big a list but I will have to see how it goes. I don’t actually know how long each visit is going to take. Some will be short simply because there isn’t too much to see and record. Others will take much longer – especially some of the bigger historic churches.

I am going to do to the East side of the Cotswolds first – staring at Witney (I know, it is not really in the Cotswolds but it is near enough!), then Minster Lovell – one of my favourites as it is in such a great spot by the river, then Lechlade, Fairford and a few others. The idea is not to try to go everywhere but to enjoy what I see. Also, each place will be an opportunity to pray for those who work and worship there. I hope that doesn’t sound too pious!! There has to be a spiritual aspect to all this, it isn’t just about historic buildings but about a living church. Let’s see how it goes.


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