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April 29, 2012

Welcome to my new blog re my study on churches and tourism. I am not yet sure where this is all going to lead. The more I research, the bigger the whole thing seems to become! I have been preparing by sending out questionaires to various churches. Most have replied and all sorts of things are being thrown up. Such as the cost of this sort of ministry – to some it is very important to othrs it seems like a bit of a nuisance. My replies reflect this. One person even felt that they should check me out before replyng!

This is all before I set ut o n my first trip. It seems like quite a bit of work but it is helping me to decide what my focus will be. It is also helping me to get used to typing  on my tiny littl Asus eee notebook Рnot really designed for sausage fingers.

More to come…..


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